Our Story

Among all the things that I love, I have always loved the smell of things around me. It brought memories, it brought ease, it brought smiles.

As a child, I would stand by the windows when it starts raining. I will take deep breaths and smell the scent of raindrops hitting the ground. That fresh smell. Till now that same scents always bring me back to the time when I was a young kid growing up in the west side of Singapore.

I love the smell of fresh bakes, I felt it makes a house a home. When my children were younger, I will go on a baking mode when they have their exams. This will end up with them coming down and studying at the dining table.

I started buying candles not long after I got married but I never bothered to find out about what it was made of; if it was clean burning. Only when I started to venture into the business that I learn so much more about the different type organic wax to work with, even to the kind of wicks.

When I finally decided (read procrastinate) to sign up for a candle making class, it was end of 2017. I got my teenage girls to join in and thought it would be so cool to start a small business with them.

So, for that, I dedicate my passion to 5Luxe Scents Co. to my daughters, Sarah & Qistina. I want them to know – it’s never too late, or early, to start something you love.