Anak Bapak Pebble


A complimentary gift for every Anak Bapak Kurta 

We are launching our very first perfume, Streets Of Madinah No.11, musky & smooth aromaMost beguiling musk blend you will ever smell!

  • Top Notes: Pomelo, Lime
  • Middle Notes: Red Rose, Dandelion
  • Base Notes: Musk, Myrrh

ADDAN Series

Fabric: Madinah Cotton
Madinah Cotton is a very soft cotton fabric. It has a linen-look pattern, which combines a few shades of a colour within the weave.
Even though the fabric is thin, it still has a weight to it, allowing it to fall and drape beautifully. There is a slight, non obvious shine within the yarns.
This fabric does not crumple easily.

Sizes available: XS – XXXL
Color : Pebble
11 colours to choose from.
Important note: colour may differ than actual due to lighting.


  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Wash separately
  • Do not tumble dry


(Model is wearing M size)
Click below for size chart :

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