Hanging Fragrance Card 4 in 1


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This product comprises four different scents.

Sunset Hue – This enticing blend has base notes of honeydew melon and Granny Smith apples with middle notes of pears and strawberries and top notes of spice.

Fresh Sage & Driftwood – A sophisticated masculine fusion of zesty bergamot, sage, amber, and cedarwood.

Spring Green – A clean, natural and refreshing. It feels like walking barefoot in a grassy meadow.

Rabendaa – An enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender.

Hanging fragrance card is suitable for any small space, like wardrobe, car, bathroom, shoe cabinet, etc. Each fragrance card can last 3-6 weeks depending on use. Measures 3″ by 3″, it comes in an envelope that includes a string for easy hanging.

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