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5Luxe Scents Co. Soy Wax Melts Set Pack

This set comprise of one burner, four tealight candles, and three soy wax melts of your choice. Soy Wax Melts Set comes ready in a gift box

Soy Wax melts have a great scent throw. One of the best ways to freshen up your living area, dining, and bedroom as the scent goes for hours when set on candle warmer or burner. Remember that the wax melts will not evaporate so once there’s no more fragrance, wipe off the melted wax and replace it with a new cube.

Blooming Garden – A vibrant, fruity and floral combination of white lily and persimmon complimented by grapefruit, cassis and musk.

Lily Of The Valley – In this elegant scent, the intensity of the lily is gently wrapped in the oriental notes of bamboo. An enticing combination that works well in any environment.

Perfectly Pine – Bring the fresh scent into your home, the fresh, crisp fir needle and herbal sage combine to create a rich and rounded aroma like no other. It’s a walk in an evergreen forest.

Spicy Mandarin – An uplifting sweet citrus combo that makes a perfect choice to brighten your day!

Spring in September – Be rejuvenated by this fresh scent that reveals coconut and fig alongside green bamboo, seagrass, orange flower and vetiver.

Wonderland – Just like fresh cotton candy from the fair!

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